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Acoustica Basic Edition

The Acoustica Basic Edition is a dependable Audio Editing Tool.

License Freeware
Version 7.0.18
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Category Music Creation
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Acoustica Basic Edition is one of the most efficient audio editor tools brought to us by its developer, Acon Digital.

In a world where the technology industry and the genre of music in general has gone advanced enough, here comes Acon Digital to provide a whole different level to the segment of Audio Editing Tools in the form of different versions of its Acoustica software – Acoustica Basic Edition, Acoustica Standard Edition, and Acoustica Premium Edition.

Acoustica Basic Edition, the free entry level audio editor has been one of the most used audio editors for long and this audio editor comes with a string of complimentary tools that have eased chaos and challenges involved in audio editing.


What is significant in an Audio? Undoubtedly, the background of the audio is most significant because the clarity of an audio totally depends on the background. Indeed, the background of an audio just not depends only on the noises in the audio but other aspects like clicks, splits, clips and last but not least, the frequency.

However, these unappealing backgrounds of audios are constructive, and what constructs them is the Acoustica Basic Edition program. It resolves the major drawback of “audio editing” by making available Integrated Audio Restoration tools. These Integrated Audio Restoration tools do not require more efforts from the users apart from a little clicking here and a little adjusting there. These tools fix the background contents including all clicks, splits, clips, crackles and high frequency. The user can adjust background as high or low frequency as he/she prefers.

Multiple Tracks Editor

Editing multiple audio layers in a single audio files is often a time-consuming effort, and this editing of multiple audios often frustrates a user. Acoustica Basic Edition has overcome this drawback through its advanced feature called “Multi-track editing.” In presence of Acoustica, users are not required to take a lot of time out of their schedule for editing multiple tracks into mix audio. Moreover, Acoustica, the most efficient audio editor allows the user to put into performance distinctive audio effects along with cross-fading options in the current multi-track session.

Essential Links:

You can download the Acoustica Basic Edition 32-bit version here.

You can download the Acoustica Basic Edition 64-bit version here.

You can download the Acoustica Basic Edition from an external link here.

You can learn more about Acoustica Basic Edition here.

You can learn more about Acon Digital and its various products here. 



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